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New Vaisala Probe Measures Carbon Dioxide in Agriculture and other Demanding HVAC Applications

VAISALA CORPORATION                       PRESS RELEASE                  JUNE 2, 2016

Vaisala introduces a new carbon dioxide meter for measuring CO2 in agriculture, greenhouses, refrigeration and demanding HVAC applications.

Vaisala's new GMP252 probe is intended for CO2 measurements in harsh and humid environments, where stable and accurate performance is required. Typical applications are agriculture, greenhouses, refrigeration and demanding HVAC applications, such as mushroom farms. The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252 measures from 0 to 10 000 ppmCO2 and with slightly reduced accuracy even up to 30 000 ppmCO2.

Helping Plants to Grow
"For example, the GMP252 is optimal for greenhouses, which often have high humidity levels and lots of chemicals present. Carbon dioxide fertilization helps plants to grow, accelerating photosynthesis, and therefore farmers want to keep the CO2 at an optimal level. Vaisala measurement devices are very stable, need minimal maintenance, and have minimal long-term drift. Stability is an important feature in greenhouses, since a drifting measurement might result in over-using carbon dioxide. That is expensive for the farmer and can even be harmful for the plants," says Maria Uusimaa, Product Manager at Vaisala.

The intelligent stand-alone probe provides both analog and digital outputs. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to +60 °C, and the probe has IP65 classified housing: these features makes it suitable for a wide range of measurement applications, for example, in wash-down areas.

Unique Microglow Technology Enables Ultimate Stability and Prolonged Lifetime

The GMP252 uses Vaisala's second-generation CARBOCAP® technology incorporating the microglow light source technology.
"The Microglow chip is a silicon MEMS emitter infrared source, which improves the reliability and stability of the probes to a new level. We have replaced the traditional filament lamp with this unique light source, which enables better accuracy, stability and prolonged lifetime," says Uusimaa.

All products are manufactured in Finland by Vaisala, and include a calibration certificate.

 Vaisala Carbocap Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252

For more information:

Maria Uusimaa, Product Manager, Controlled Environment, Vaisala
Tel: +358 40 591 4523

Katri Ahlgren, Communications Manager, Controlled Environment, Vaisala
Tel: +358 40 350 2557
Product web page:

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